About Ginzu

Chef Ginzu has always had a passion for cooking. What began as a young boy looking to create a bit of mischief in the kitchen with some eggs, flour and water has grown over the years into a true desire to develop artful recipes using a variety of ingredients from everyday items found in your local grocery store to the finest ingredients found in 5-star restaurants.

Over the past decade, Chef Ginzu has sought out opportunities that would fan the fires of this passion for the culinary arts. He has studied sushi making from a top Boston-based sushi restaurant, and now leads Sushi making classes for that establishment, and has developed a meat marinade that would rival any top steak house. Chef Ginzu constantly researches and studies a variety of techniques from sautéing, grilling to sous-vide, that he then incorporates into his own dishes.

Chef Ginzu has also recognizes the importance of developing recipes that are not only tasty but healthy and Gluten-free and is always adapting standard favorites, such as his battered wings or chocolate cake to conform to these new trends.

A Healthcare IT Consultant by day, Chef Ginzu spends his free time honing his passion for cooking. In tribute to this, he has decided to launch this website, Ginzu’s Creative Cooking, to not only share his culinary artistry with everyone but in the hopes that he will forge an online community that shares his love of food. He can’t wait to hear from others about their stories of success, tips and techniques and encourages you to try his recipes and give him some feedback.